Thursday, September 4, 2008

Just for Fun

Last night, I created two cards with no specific criteria other than "purple and birthday".
Out of curiousity, I'd like to know which one of these cards appeals to you more:
Card #1:
Interior of Card #1:
Card #2:
Dimension on Card #2:
Interior of Card #2:

Just leave your vote in the comments section.


Courtney White said...

I am more partial to card #1, although they are both beautiful. I am quite partial to purple, as well as hearts and flowers. You are a true artist! Your work is very creative and pretty.

bec said...

#2 is my favorite...I love the 'new' feeling of layout/design and I really, really love the dream & happy sentiments. GREAT job - they are both beautiful!
(As a sidenote, when I was looking at card #1, I was thinking 'ooh, this one's gonna be my favorite.' Then I saw card #2. So GREAT, GREAT job!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey sista!

Love em both, but #2 is my fave! :) I love the tiny details that make it a "Kristine card"! Love the paper piercing, love it all! Yet another fabulous creation. Miss ya!

Jamie said...

I love the details on #2, but #1 speaks to me more.

Sandy said...

Ok, now I feel that I have to commit to one or the other. #1 is my favorite. I like seeing more of the pattern paper, and the repeating line of the pattern paper, "wishes" stamp, ribbon and flower stamp really move the eye around...lot's to see in a simple, clean format. You're my paper craftin' hero!

MEJ said...

I'm thinking #1, but they are both beautiful. You are so stinkin' creative!